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ARCSIS, Association for the Research on Components and Secured Integrated Systems, is in charge of developing, strengthening and promoting the microelectronics and communicating objects in the Provence-Alps-Riviera region. The association also manages a major collaborative research and development program : CIM PACA (PACA Integrated Microelectronics Center) which groups together the microelectronic community around three interconnected platforms : Design, Characterization and Micro-PackS.




A new institution on the scene of public territorial action, the “Communauté d’Agglomération Sophia Antipolis” decided from its inception to enter into a collective reflection about its territory’s future.
In 2001, the CASA thus initially set down its basic principles in a Charter. At their heart lies the political desire to place “man at the center of his own preoccupations”, to encourage development only to the extent that it is beneficial to the fulfilment of people living or working in the region and to the enrichment of their common heritage.
The agglomeration project puts the results of this reflection into perspective and makes them coherent by giving priority to its context, from local to international level.
By reasoning this way, by giving priority to the links between the economy, social life and the environment, the elected representatives thus intend to carry out local public action with the aim of sustainable development for the Sophia Antipolis agglomeration.




French Riviera Chamber of Commerce and Industry
A stakeholder and operator committed to the development and promotion of the French Riviera and its companies, the French Riviera Chamber of Commerce and Industry has 4 main activities:


Economic observation, analysis and information enabling economic actors and companies to take the most appropriate decisions.
This mission is accomplished through our two observatories: SIRIUS-CCI economic observatory which follows economic trends and analyses economic clusters,   and the housing and corporate real-estate observatories.


Coordination and support services to increase the performance of
the French Riviera companies and enable the exchange of best practices and intelligence information.

Our teams of specialists inform, advise and train local managers in the different skills needed for corporate development. These include

  • services for setting-up, taking-over or financing a company;
  • support for development – from economic intelligence, commercial performance, quality procedures and conquering   new markets to transmission of a company. We help businesses at each step of their development and   provide specialist assistance and coaching for start-ups. Our experts have experience in the management of innovative projects and are specialised in the fields of ICT, Micro-electronics, Cosmetics and perfume industry, Life Sciences, Biotechnology, Medical devices, Energy, …
  • a wide range of services to foster and speed up local and international development: market analysis, strategic positioning, patent analysis, identification of commercial or technical partners, competitive intelligence, sales development, fund raising, individual coaching and networking.
  • Specific programmes aimed at improving retail, helping industrial and innovative companies become more competitive, promoting the Information Technologies sector, developing business tourism (through partnership agreements with major events' organizers). Most of the programmes are set up in collaboration with local actors.

At he heart of this strategy is the network of our 5 company agencies (called “Maison Des Entreprises”) located throughout the French Riviera which provide daily support to shop-keepers, service and industrial companies.

Training and education:
The French Riviera Chamber of Commerce and Industry has set-up and is running schools at the service of our companies: as well as specific apprenticeship programmes and also specific institutes like the International School of Nice, the Aeronautics Training Institute, the automobile training institute and health and pharmaceutical training institute.

The SKEMA Business School, resulting from the merger of CERAM and Lille School of management enabling students to understand and meet the challenges of the knowledge-based economy, within a world of opportunities.

Manager of the ports of Nice, Villefranche, Cannes, Golfe Juan, and also shareholder in the French Riviera airports of Nice and Cannes - Mandelieu: The CCI helps increase the attractiveness of the region through running such facilities whilst offering a range of services to its clients (cruising, yachting, tourism activities, logistic activities…)

For full information about CCI services, training and economic news:
Tel : 0 820 422 222


Conseil Général des Alpes-Maritimes

LE CONSEIL GENERAL DES ALPES-MARITIMES is a decision-making and executive political institution, created over 200 years ago. The Conseil général is involved in economic development, supporting the establishment of innovative companies and growth of excellence areas, IT and Telecom related activities being a key sector of the Alpes-Maritimes, with a high concentration of known worldwide industrial and academic leaders.

In the frame of the new French government initiative that has led to the set up of 71 Competitive clusters, the Conseil général supports the 8 Competitive clusters located in the Alpes-Maritimes, amongst which the world class "Secured Communicating Solutions" is a major player.




Economic globalization has changed the world's economic order, bringing new challenges and opportunities. Europe, despite a high potential, cannot compete in this new environment unless it becomes more innovative. The European Commission is formulating, influencing and, where appropriate, implementing policies and programmes to increase Europe's innovativeness and contribute to greater competitiveness, sustainability and job creation. The Commission supports Regions potential developing process through structural funds including the European Regional Development Funds (ERDF).


Région PACA




Thanks to the dynamism of its economic and institutional actors, The Region Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur is recognized today like one of the international poles of excellence in the field of the microelectronic design: the Secured Communicating Solutions Cluster is gathering Research, Universities and Companies for innovation and emergence of a new value chain. It became one of the vectors of the technological and economic dynamism of our territory. Forum SAME 2010 acts as a showcase for regional companies and facilitates the development of this industrial sector.




SCS Cluster: “The Future’s in good hands”

A World Class Cluster which federates Microelectronics, Telecom, software and multimedia key players in Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur.

It symbolizes a dynamic network of more than 200 companies (Small, Medium Business and big groups), laboratories and training centers, strongly involved in innovative projects.

Our ambition is to design and develop new solutions integrating components, networks, software and systems to exchange and process information in a reliable and secure way.

Our principal objectives are to foster and encourage new, innovative, competitive projects, to help SMEs to grow and develop and to participate in the creation of suitable ecosystem inside the regional TIC. The SCS cluster is endorsed by world-class industry leaders based in South of France: Amadeus, Atmel, Gemalto, Orange Labs, HP, IBM, ST/NXP Wireless, SAP, STMicroelectronics, Texas Instruments, Thales Alenia Space ( ...)

Since 2006, we have 273 projects certified, representing € 839 M R&D spending. A big part of those projects received more than 152 M€ of subsidies for 390 M€ spending in R&D.

SCS Cluster activities are also centered on support & market intelligence, business development support for SME’s, communication, animation, training and international relationships in order to help his members to increase their development and business. SCS Cluster proposals for the creation of National Reference Centers in the fields of RFID and e-Health were selected by the Ministry of Industry : the headquarters are now located in the PACA Region.


Skema Business School



Explore a world of opportunity with SKEMA
With close links to innovative companies, particularly in Sophia Antipolis, SKEMA has built up a reputation for savoir faire in its Hi-Tech Entrepreneurship Centre. Over the years, the school has become a privileged partner of SAME: it has opened a European incubator network “Achieve More” and continues to facilitate market access for technology through the methods it has developed.
SKEMA results from merging of CERAM Business School and Groupe ESC Lille. Since June 2009, SKEMA has become the first French business school in terms of students’ number: a pioneering initiative and model for the future of education in France.


Team Côte d'Azur

Team Côte d'Azur is the promotion and economic development agency of the Côte d’Azur Nice Sophia Antipolis region
Created in 1983 (formerly under the name of Côte d’Azur Development), it is a joint initiative of the Alpes-Maritimes county council and the French Riviera Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Its mission is to promote the Côte d’Azur territory towards international markets and help foreign companies establish themselves successfully in the region.

Team Côte d’Azur provides a full range of services (confidential and free of charge) enabling investors to discover the Côte d’Azur - a leading, innovative and highly international territory and to establish successfully their business here.
The Côte d’Azur and its major science park, Sophia Antipolis, are widely recognised as the leading French region for R&D investments of foreign companies.
Côte d’Azur : A strategic opportunity and gateway to the world

Your contact :
Jean-François Chapperon, Inward Investments Manager, IT business,
Tel : 58 – email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Telecom Valley

Telecom Valley is an innovative community witch dynamises IT technology, in the health, the Eco -technologies, and the tourism fields.
Telecom Valley is a non-profit, business-driven association, created in 1991 and based in Sophia-Antipolis FRANCE, the largest Science Park in Europe.
It brings together players from the IT value chain i.e. over 100 actors who are companies (big firms as well as SMEs), research laboratories, standardization institutes, university and schools, public institutions.
Operating by projects - each managed and composed by volunteers - and pooled in Committees and Themes (Innovation, Open Source, Business Development, Employment, M-tourism...), Telecom Valley galvanizes technologic innovation in the IT industry on Sophia Antipolis.
Its vision: become the Euro Mediterranean community of reference for Internet, Mobility and Usages.

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