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SAME 2012 Conference Results

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Special Demos


Sit down behind the wheel and experience on a car simulator how your future vehicle equipment will help you avoid accidents.


Live demonstration on fitness center equipment of physical activities monitoring and training plans development.


3D Video sensors & Face recognition.
3D is more and more popular in face recognition. There remain nevertheless several open questions when using such technologies: Which scanner to use? Can low cost sensors such as Kinect compete for some applications against high expensive but high quality range scanner such as Minolta? For each technology, what is the real increase in performances of 3D compared to 2D? During the demonstration, attendees may test both categories of camera and discuss their performances within the context of face recognition.


Demonstration of a Communicating Medical Inhaler (COMIN) developed by Telemaq and RivieraWaves, 2 SMEs from Sophia-Antipolis. Comin enables to treat pulmonary diseases, such as bronchitis, asthma or mucoviscidosis, thanks to the association of a piezoelectric nebuliser and several embedded sensors, communicating by Bluetooth Low Energy links. Demonstration includes both a User Interface application running on an IPhone, and a connection to a remote Web database for Telemedicine applications (doctor surveillance and interaction).

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