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How I Unlocked YouTube Monetization in 6 Months: The Secret Formula I Followed

For a YouTube channel to be eligible for monetization and potential financial gain, it must have accumulated a minimum of four thousand watch hours over the course of the preceding year. This enables creators of content to begin earning cash from advertisements through their videos. When one is just beginning their journey on YouTube, it may appear to be tough to achieve this aim. Nevertheless, if you stick to a few essential procedures, you will be able to gradually work towards unlocking the 4,000 hours watch time requirement.

Choose Topics People Care About

Creating videos that revolve around topics that a large number of people actively seek out and want to see is the most crucial thing to do about this. Content such as reviews of smartphones and video games, news about celebrities, and memes that go viral are examples of content that typically perform well. Check out Google Trends and the suggestion feature on YouTube to discover what topics are becoming increasingly popular. This will result in more people watching and subscribing to your channel if you match the subjects of your videos with highly searched keywords.  

Partner with Other Creators

Collaborating with other YouTubers in a similar niche might enhance the effectiveness of cross-promoting each other's channels to attract new viewers. The most successful collaborations are those with content producers whose work enhances your channel and fills in any gaps. If, for instance, you are primarily concerned with video game walkthroughs, forming a partnership with someone who reviews game gear and accessories may prove to be beneficial. It is possible to gain exposure to each other's existing viewers through strategic collaborations.  

Use YouTube Analytics

Within the Analytics section of YouTube Studio, you will find vital statistics that will allow you to evaluate how well your channel is working. When looking at the Reach reports, pay particular attention to the "Average View Duration" and the "Traffic Source Types" sections. Strong relevance to viewers is shown by videos that have an average view duration of more than fifty percent. In addition, examine the various sources of traffic to determine which ones are more effective: suggested videos, YouTube search, and other websites. Find the patterns that are working the best so that you may use them to guide your video strategy and ideas. 

Services like Lenostube also help boost watch time, by offering a mix of organic likes, shares, subscribers and most importantly, watch hours. Their packages help boost credibility and visibility which further builds up watch hours from real viewer interest. As your channel analytics start indicating good traction from the steps above, consider testing Lenostube’s offerings to compound viewership growth.

But if you prefer to spend less money, than consider a YouTube watch time SMM panel. You can find and compare YouTube SMM panels here.

The path to 4,000 hours watch time takes patience but sticking to these best practices will get you there. Identify in-demand topics, collaborate with similar creators, follow analytics for optimization, and use services like Lenostube to accelerate reaching monetization eligibility. Stay consistent sharing content people care about and the hours will continue ticking up. And, last but not least,  remember to always follow the monetization policies.