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ISBN Number: 2-9524014-7-0


October 3, 2012

9.00 - 09.55

Tutorial 1: MIPI Alliance, Introduction & Future of Mobile Interface

Mobile interface technology by our special guest the Chairman of the Board MIPI Alliance

Chairman: Franck Dahan, Texas Instruments

Speaker: Joel Huloux, Director of Standardization & Industry Alliances Unit and Corporate Strategy Office STMicroelectronics

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9.00 - 09.55

Tutorial 2 : RF Modeling : Modeling of RF systems within heterogeneous environment

A general overview of methods and tools for developing reusable RF models

Chairman: Lorenzo Carpineto, SDRF

Speaker: William Tatinian, University of Nice Sophia Antipolis, Valbonne, France

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13.30 - 15.00

Tutorial 3: Advances in Wireless Communications as Application Focus Evolves from Voice to Data

From the early years to the 2020 time frame

Chairman: Michel Collura, Intel

Speaker: Irfan Ghaury, Intel

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15.10 - 16.10

Tutorial 4 : Packaging Challenge : Packaging Trends

Package design : a complex bridge between deep submicron ICs and advanced board designs

Chairman: Vladimir Papic

Speaker: Xavier Duperthuy, STMicroelectronics

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15:10- 16:10

Tutorial 5: System Performance: The Speedup-Test : a rigorous statistical protocol for declaring program speedups with high confidence

The challenge of software performance optimization in highly complex systems

Chairman: Cédric Hottier, STMicroelectronics

Speaker: Sid Touati, University of Nice Sophia Antipolis, France

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